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Roasbeast's Google Ads Success with a Furniture Brand









The Starting Point:

Picture this:

A furniture brand with high-ticket items, a solid footing in the U.S and UK markets, but a paid media strategy that’s sinking faster than a lead balloon. That’s where we at Roasbeast stepped in. A great product was being overshadowed by a marketing strategy that was about as effective as a chocolate teapot.

The Challenge:

Their Google Ads strategy? It was like trying to squeeze a camel through the eye of a needle. They were using a Pound currency feed for both their U.S and UK markets. They were running the same campaign for both markets, ignoring the unique consumer behaviors, CPCs, and CPMs in each region.

The Roasbeast Approach:

At Roasbeast, we’re big believers in the compound effect. Small, consistent actions can lead to big changes over time. We took the reins of the client’s Google Ads account and started making changes. We fixed the feed setup and created separate campaigns for the U.S and the UK. We knew money was tight, so we tested our proven strategies to stop the cash bleed.

The Outcome:

Our changes worked like a charm. After spending 16 thousand pounds on Google Ads, the client made around three times their investment. We also took over the client’s Meta account and started two new campaigns. With a thousand pounds a day, we set up the campaigns to get the most bang for their buck. One of the campaigns started making money from day one.

The Future:

At Roasbeast, we pride ourselves on our high client retention rate, and we’re excited to continue our partnership with this furniture brand. We’re confident that with our commitment to the compound effect, we’ll keep driving positive results for our client. We’re already looking forward to sharing an update on this case study after a year.

About Roasbeast:

Roasbeast is a top-tier Meta badged partner and an official partner with Google. Last year alone, we managed a whopping 20 million dollars in ad spend on Meta & Google. We’re all about helping brands get the most return on their ad spend across various platforms through the power of the compound effect.

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