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How I turned $5.8K into $54k in Just 2 Days.


It’s the weirdest case study I’m writing. Like any good Businessman, one of my clients (closed this one 7 days ago ) in Australia wanted to test his new product.

So we decided to runs ads for 3 days with a budget of $2k. But that’s not how it went, My client later insisted on increasing the spending to $10k and we ended up spending $5.8k (5.1 From main account and $700 from Second account) only and had to TURN off ads in just 2 days.


Fact 1:

Most people prefer to use a video of 1 minute or 2 or max 5. Video duration was 50 minutes and was taken from clients Page.

Target Platform: Only Facebook.

Fact 2:

I just copy-pasted the caption from one of the page’s posts. No new Long/Short copy.

Started the campaign with $2k for 3 days by targeting only Perth and Sydney. I got my first Sale after spending $20 with 7 ROAS. After just a few hours, the Budget was increased to 3k.

Product Selling Price: $169

Product Original Cost: $50

Later Added Brisbane & Melbourne for targeting and Increased Budget by 3k. The total Budget now is $6k for 3 days.

Than started targeting GOLD COAST, ADELAIDE, and Canberra. And Budget is now $10k for this 3-day campaign.

Ads were making a ton of money and my client was messaging me to add more budget after a couple of hours but here’s the thing, Our main ad account had a spending limit of just $1900/Day and Backup accounts were Totally Fresh. So it’s was impossible to spend anything like $4k/D in this 3-day campaign. The Ad accounts were not prepared for this level of spending. The campaign goal was just to test the product.

Everything was changing rapidly! My main account was spending and generating money in just the first couple of hours and after crossing the figure of $1900, it stopped spending every day.

Total no of campaigns created in Ads manager for this Product testing: 4
Ad-sets Per campaign: 14 (Total targeting 4*14)

Total Purchases per Campaign recorded in Ads manager

  1. 13 sales with 2.03 Purchases
    136 Purchases with 11.24
    139 Purchases with 10.32
    and 32 Purchases with 9.06 ROAS
  2. Purchases by age Group:
    25-35: 60 Purchases 35-44: 104
    45-54: 87
    55-64: 55
    65+ : 14

Purchases by Placement:

Facebook News Feed Mobile App: 205
News Feed Desktop: 4
Video feeds: 111

The majority of sales were from Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

Meanwhile, as our other accounts started to deliver, Our Main ad-account was disabled by Facebook. I got it back in just a few hours but we decided to turn off all ads. The product is saleable and Will start running ads for this product in 2-3 days (once I’m done with Backend for spending big budgets without any issue)

Will update this Launch case study after 90 Days.

PS: Started Another launch campaign for the same client with a different product, So far we have generated 54 Sales with 14.45 ROAS. I will write it’s case study after 30-40 days as We are not going to stop ads of that product lol.

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